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Gain Expertise to Go Beyond the Software

For advisors who want to stand out in the increasingly crowded marketplace, Social Security Timing® offers The School, our exclusive two-day training to develop Social Security expertise. While the Social Security Timing software can calculate optimal claiming strategies for clients, this technology alone cannot answer all your clients’ questions. The School’s intense education equips you to blend the software results with Social Security knowledge — the only combination that can truly maximize clients’ benefits and tailor plans to individual circumstances. You’ll learn Social Security rules and claiming strategies and, more importantly, how to apply those rules in the context of an overall retirement plan. The School covers tax issues, risk management and how to supplement Social Security income by efficiently harvesting clients’ other assets.

Attend The School in Orlando or Denver


Apr. 29 – 30

Early-bird price: $1,500 through Feb. 28

Regular price: $1,850 starting Mar. 1



Oct. 21 – 22

Early-bird price: $1,500 through Aug. 21

Regular price: $1,850 starting Aug. 22



Meet Your Presenters

Joe Elsasser, CFP®, RHU, REBC

Joe Elsasser is an independent financial planner, software developer, speaker and author who is nationally known for his extensive experience in comprehensive retirement planning that includes social insurance programs like Social Security and Medicare. Joe developed the patented Social Security Timing® software application, which helps thousands of financial planners identify optimal claiming decisions for clients, and also co-authored “Social Security Essentials: Smart Ways to Help Boost Your Retirement Income." Based in Omaha, Neb., Joe is a certified Financial Planner® and still works with individual clients through his own Registered Investment Advisor firm. While you’ll get plenty of academic content at the webinars and live events, you can rest assured that Joe’s real-world perspective will provide you practical information that you can immediately use with your own clients.

David Cechanowicz, JD, MSFS, CLU, ChFC

David Cechanowicz, Social Security Timing’s director of education, is a nationally sought-after expert on complex issues where the law, taxes and financial matters intersect, with a specialty in retirement planning that optimizes individuals’ Social Security benefits. Now based in Albuquerque, N.M., he began his career in the financial services industry concentrating on business owners’ estate, retirement and business planning needs, and has accumulated more than 35 years of experience. He has testified before the Internal Revenue Service, served as an expert witness in federal court on industry matters, taught classes for the Chartered Financial Consultant® designation and helped the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards write exam questions. 

Lloyd D. Watnik

Lloyd D. Watnik is one of the nation’s foremost authorities on Social Security, with more than 43 years of experience in Social Security and federal government benefits. Before retiring in 1994, he worked for the Social Security Administration for 27 years, 24 of which were as a manager. He has been training federal employees and lecturing in the private sector since 1972 with invitations to speak from large corporations to the highest-ranking Congressional staff. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Lloyd now resides in San Diego, where he is writing his first book, “Social Security: How It Works and Why It Doesn’t.”

The Arrow Group

Since announcing The Arrow Group, our team’s been busy answering questions. Want to learn more about this exclusive new group for top advisors? Social Security Timing’s Joe Elsasser and David Cechanowicz will give you the scoop on what membership requires and how it can up your Social Security planning game. Watch it here.

Webinar Content Moves to The School in 2015

The content of the highly popular 2014 Social Security School webinars is now part of The School, a two-day live training to develop your Social Security expertise.

The first webinar, “Why Weak Social Security Knowledge Will Cost You Clients,” is available to everyone. The remaining recorded webinars are available only to Social Security Timing® software subscribers. Not a subscriber? Get a 10-day free trial!

Why Weak Social Security Knowledge Will Cost You Clients

This webinar has already taken place.

As baby boomers reach retirement age, more want Social Security claiming advice and expect their financial or insurance professional to analyze the best strategies. Learn the Social Security planning basics that will prepare you for this swelling demographic.

The Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid with Spousal and Survivor Benefits

This webinar has already taken place.

Advising an individual client on the best timing to elect Social Security is complex enough, but throw in a spouse, and you suddenly have an unmanageable number of options for the couple to evaluate. We boil it down by identifying the three biggest pitfalls to avoid and how the various Switch Strategies® will keep your clients from missing out on tens of thousands of dollars. FREE DOWNLOADS: "Beyond the Basics: How Social Security Really Works, So Make It Work For You" and the SST Client Quick Reference Guide.

Deciphering Social Security for the Divorced Client

This webinar has already taken place.

Many of your divorced clients have no idea they’re still eligible for spousal and divorced surviving spouse benefits. Learn the planning opportunities and strategies that can help them. FREE DOWNLOAD: SST Client Quick Reference Guide.

Maximizing Gains and Minimizing Losses for Widow Clients

This webinar has already taken place.

The survivor benefit, or widow’s benefit, is one of the most important sources of income for widows and widowers. Learn why it’s important for clients to discuss claiming options and how to help them make the choice that’s right for them.

The Earnings Test: How Continuing to Work Affects Benefits

This webinar has already taken place.

Did you know clients claiming Social Security benefits early and continuing to work could lose some of those benefits? The Social Security Administration can withhold benefits if a worker’s earnings exceed certain limits before reaching full retirement age. With more people working longer and returning to work after retiring, it’s more important than ever to understand how working could impact their benefit amount.

How to Help Parents Unlock the Child's Benefit

This webinar has already taken place.

Retirement-age clients with children under the age of 19 may have extra benefits available to them under Social Security. Learn how to help your client access these benefits, while being mindful of a limit called the Family Maximum. 

The Truth about Government Employees’ Social Security Benefits

This webinar has already taken place.

Workers in systems that opted out of Social Security in favor of pensions often have misperceptions about their Social Security benefits, specifically that they might not have one. Clear up the confusion among this sizeable population – from municipal employees to teachers. 

Discover Planning Opportunities for Disabled Clients and Their Families

This webinar has already taken place.

You’d be surprised by how many planning issues arise when someone is awarded Social Security Disability. Learn how Social Security for disabled people works, and you’ll expand your practice by helping an underserved and growing group.

Social Security Planning: Carrying the Message to the Public

This webinar has already taken place.

You’re ready to incorporate Social Security planning into your practice, but where do you start? Learn from the experts how to market your new knowledge and see your business grow.